Leila Rish
P.O. Box 257
6454 Merry Street
Unionville, MI 48767
Phone: 989-674-2244
Fax: 989-607-6621
Email: uvilletreas@airadvantage.net 

The Village Treasurer is an appointed position and serves as the chief bookkeeper/accountant to the Village Council. The Treasurer maintains all the banking accounts, and ledgers of the Village including, taxes, state receipts, federal receipts, and endorses payments on the accounts of the Village, and keeps all other correspondence related to the accounts of the council. The position was established as an appointed position in 2003 and Leila was appointed in November of 2003.

Leila does not hold normal business hours, but can be reached by email at uvilletreas@airadvantage.net.  Other days are planned where special circumstances, like final day of property tax collections, may require.

Village Taxes are mailed on July 1st of each year and due on or before September 30th of the same year.  After September 30, real property taxes must be paid to the Tuscola County Treasurer's office and cannot be paid at the Village Offices.  Please contact the Tuscola County Treasurer at 989-672-3890 for the correct mailing address and penalties owed before sending.  Personal property taxes are still paid to the Village of Unionville, but will include interest and penalties.

Taxes can be paid at the Village offices during normal business hours, Village drop box, or by mail.
Credit and debit cards accepted at Village office or on the Village's website.   A 2.65% fee ($3.00 minimum) will be charged by the processing company



Operation and Maintenance of the Village of Unionville: 12.5 mills

Street and Sidewalk Maintenance, Repair and Construction: 3 mills​