The Village of Unionville contracts with Emterra Environmental to provide trash and recycling services to our residents.

Village residents are billed for trash and recycling services at $18.40 bi-monthly, this charge will be added to your water and sewer bi-monthly bill.

Trash is collected in plastic bags or garbage cans weighing no more than 50 lbs when full (no 55-gallon barrels).

Trash will be picked up weekly on Tuesdays and Recycling will be picked up bi-weekly  on Tuesdays.  Place trash and recycling at the street by 7 am.

Holidays - In weeks with a holiday, all collection days after the holiday for the rest of that week will shift one day later.

To see more on trash and recycling services provided by Emterra, click here.

​I have a swimming pool to fill but I don't want to pay the sewer fee? The Village does not provide a special water meter or adjust sewer charges for filling swimming pools. Another option is to use a water hauling service to fill the pool. 

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