Where do I pay my Water/Sewer/Trash bill?

At the Village office 6454 Merry Street, PO Box 257, Unionville, MI  48767 by cash, check or credit card

Online by credit card or electronic check at www.unionvillemi.us

Is a drop box available?
Yes. A blue drop-off box is available at the Village office.

When do I receive my Water/Sewer/Trash Bill?
Water/Sewer/Trash bills will be sent out bimonthly, click on the Water and Sewer page for dates.

When will my trash and recycling be picked up?
Trash will be picked up weekly on Tuesdays and Recycling will be picked up every other Tuesday.  Place trash and recycling at the street by 7 am. For more information and a schedule click here

What if I leave my home for a long period of time, can anything be down about my water/sewer bill?
If your home will be unoccupied during the winter months you can have the DPW turn off your water to prevent any leaks.  Please visit the Village office to complete a form.  The charge for this service is $7.50 to turn off and $7.50 to turn back on.  Your account will still be charged the maintenance fees associated with water, sewer and trash.

Why haven’t I received my winter tax bill from the Village?
The Village of Unionville only levies Summer Taxes.  Columbia Township, the township in which all Village residents reside, levies both Summer and Winter taxes.

Who is the Village Assessor?
Your property is assessed by Columbia Township's Assessor - Dara McGarry Phone: (989) 325-0985

Where do I register to vote?  Where do I vote?
All elections for the Village of Unionville residents are handled through Columbia Township.  Please contact them during regular business hours to register to vote.  All Village residents vote at Columbia Township Hall.

You may register to vote at the Columbia Township Clerk’s office by contacting the clerk during the week or click here for a State of Michigan Voter Registration Application form. Complete the form online, print, sign, and mail to:
Columbia Township Clerk
4870 French Rd. 
Unionville, MI 48767

When I rake leaves in the late fall, where can I put them?   
The Village does NOT pick up leaves.  There is a bunker provided for Village residents to dump their leaves located behind the DPW building. 

Does the Village pick up brush?

The Village DPW will only pick up light tree trimming from April 1 - November 1 and downed limbs from storm damage.  Please place at the end of your driveway in piles easy for the DPW handle. 

What utility companies provide service to the Village of Unionville?

Natural Gas - Consumers Energy

Electric - DTE

Phone - AT&T

Where can I get copies of Village ordinances?
The Code of Ordinances for the Village can be found on this website. If you request paper copies of these ordinances a nominal fee will be charged.

Do dogs need to be licensed?
Dogs are required to be registered, which you can do at the Tuscola County Treasurer’s office.

Does my dog need to be on a leash? 
Yes. Reasonable control must be exercised with dogs. Reasonable control means keeping a dog on a suitable leash while off the premises of the owner or custodian, unless the dog is confined in a closed vehicle or shipping receptacle. Dogs must be licensed and on a leash. At your residence, your dog must remain “under your control”, which could mean in the house, or in a fenced area, or under your voice command and in your presence.

What is the curfew for minors?
A youth under the age of 18 cannot be in a public place, Village, without a parent or guardian or some other responsible adult delegated by the parent between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Does the Village provide bulk water?

Yes.  The Village provides a vendor for bulk water.  It is located on the south side of the DPW building along Phelps Street.  The vendor accepts cash and coin, but does not give any change.  The Village and the Fire Department will not haul water.  A 4" pipe may be needed to access the pipe.

​I have a swimming pool to fill but I don't want to pay the sewer fee?

The Village does not provide a special water meter or adjust sewer charges for filling swimming pools.  If you would like to avoid the sewer charge, an option is to use a water hauling service to fill the pool. The Fire Department will NOT haul water.